Name: Abdallah Mohammed Ali Abdallah

Date of Birth: 1 / 1 / 1955

Place of Birth: Shendi Eldoymat.


·       Elsayal

·       Eltadmum: Suburbs.

·       Then I Transported to Khartoum.

        Khartoum: - [Studies]

               1/ Comboni Technical Schools

               2/ Egyptians Schools

               3/ University of Egypt in Khartoum-Sudan.

                    [ Faculty of Arts ]

               Courses:- [ English ]

               1/   American Centre

               2/   British Center

-       1   -

French Language:-

·       Arabic Language: [ Talking & Reading ]

·       French Center:-

·       Nine Course: [ Langue francaise ]

·        [de Premiere annee Jusque a    huightime annee ].


·       Sudan Textile Industry Limited Khart.North.

·       Mechanized Farming Corporation.Khart.

·       Friendship Hall Khart. [ Translator ]

·       National Council for Research Khart.

·       Islamic African Center.

·       International University [ August 1986 –

Till now “Faculty of Medical Laboratories Sciences.” As Dean Secretary. 



 Personal data:


Name:                        Ammar  Bashir  Omer  Mohammed

Date of Birth:           1.10.1985

Place of Birth:           Khor dagat, Elobied, Sudan..

Marital Status:          Single

Citizenship:Sudanese by nationality.

Languages, skills and interest: Arabic is tongue mother, and good speaking and writing English language and skillful in using computer. And also have interest for internet for following medical magazine and scientific conferences.

 Professional issues:

Clinical Laboratory Scientist professionalism.

Current Address:                            

 _ Alamal national hospital-Elobied-north Kordofan state.

- University of Kordofan, faculty of medicine and health sciences, division of medical laboratories sciences. Department of histopathology and cytology.                                                                                             


    Elobeid , North Kordofan - Sudan

    Mobile: +249918237098 \ +249111117040

    E-mail:     عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Education and  Qualification:

   Degree  BSc (honor) first class of Medical Laboratory Sciences and   also obtain the prize of best graduate .

    University : Kordofan University

     Faculty : Medicine and health sciences      

     Country : Sudan

    Major Subject: Histopathology and cytology

Administration Certificates :


   - Awarded an unfixed registration Certificate from Ministry of Health ; Sudan

   - Awarded full Registration Certificate from Sudan National Medical and Professional Council (MHPC)


Experiences and Training Courses:

-.More than two years experiences and skills in Medical Laboratory work fields.

- Short terms training courses   pre- post –and during passing final examinations at the faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences spent at Elobied Teaching Hospital, Elobied military Hospital ,  Elkawati  children Hospital, Majdeldeen professional center-national health insurance fund(NHIF) IN Elobied, and Elobied central blood bank.

- Director and Supervisor   of general Medical laboratory Department – tyba elzateer rural Hospital – North Kordofan from July 2009 to 27-3-2010.

- Senior Laboratory Professionalism _ ALAMAL NAIONAL HOSBITAL- From 1/10/.2011 till now.

-Training course in complete blood count performance and reporting from25 to 27.4.2011. (Ministry of Health-Elobied).

-Training course in blood banking from 17 to 19.10.2011. . (Ministry of Health-Elobied).

-training course in cytomorphology, cervical cancer screening and liquid based cytology practical, from 7 to 14.10.2010.(Sudanese centre for training in biotechnology).this course is sponsored by Dr.Allen C.Rinas as an independent consultant, Director, School of cytology, University of north Carolina at chapel HILL, USA.

-training course in liquid based cytology system training programme.(this course sponsored by an educational Grant from Laly General Training, UAE and LGM International Inc., Melbourne, Florida, USA).

-work as co-operative teaching assistant in kordofan university faculty of medicine and health sciences division of medical laboratory science department of histopathology and cytology from 1.11.2011 to 20.6.2013.

- Have ability to use and work with  equipments below :

-Sysmex Kx21N.

-Human _Spectrophotometer.

-CYAN Spectrophotometer

-Biosystem Spectrophotometer

-Human_ Coagulometer.

-HumaClot Duo_ Coagulometer

-Cobas C111.

-Elycsys 2011.

-A15.Full Automation Chemical Analyzer

-Iron Selective electrode .Electrolyte Analyzer

-Mindray – Semi Auto Chemical Analyzer

-Abacus 3 (DIATRON)_ Hematological Analyzer

-ACCENT 200_ Full Automation Chemical Analyzer


-tissue processing automation machine.

-stainer machine


Immunohistochemistry processing machine.


1-Dr.Ahmed A.Agab Eldour

Associate professor, pathology.

Chancellor of Kordofan University

Tel: +249912311845

P.O box: 160

E-mail عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

2-Dr: Hussain G.Ahmed

Associate professor, histopathology

Saudi Arabia-hail University

Tel: +966567681040



Name: -                    Sarah Abdelmahmoud Omer Ahmed

Date of birth: -        30\05\1990

Place of birth: -      Tabet Elsheik AbdelMahmoud

Gender: -                Female

Marital status: -     Single

Nationality: -          Sudanese

Language: -            Arabic: Mother tongue

                             English: Fluent speaking and writing

Address: -            Alazhari, Khartoum- Sudan

Phone: -               +249916809808

Email: -                   عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Place of work:-                                                                           

        - Teacher assisting in international university of Africa faculty of medical laboratory.

Academic qualifications:-

   - Bachelor of science (BSC) with Grade Excellent in Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science, department of clinical chemistry, Sudan international university (SIU).


 - Lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL and LDL) in pregnant women in her different trimesters - 2011

 Training courses:-

 -  Teacher assisting in international university of Africa   

 -  Teacher Assisting in Sudan international university as National Services 2012.

    Health of Laboratory (estak)

 Khartoum Teaching Hospital-

 Ebrahim Malik Hospital-

 Technical skills:-

 Ability to do hard work in or out door-

 Research project-

 English language writes and talked-

 Microsoft office -


 Dr: Abdelkarim Abobake head of department of clinical chemistry in Sudan international university.

 DR: walid  ahmed  aldeaf  head of department of microbiology in Sudan international university








Name: Samar Mohamed Yousif Hassan Osman

 Nationality: Sudanese.

 Gander: Female.

 Resedense: Alazhryi, Squ “11” , house No. “879” .

 Adress: Tell: 0906490208.





Certificate awarded

2013 - 2014

Sudan  University of Science and technology

M.Sc of Medical Laboratory Sciences- Hematology

 2/2010 – 8/2010

 Institute Of Endemic Diseases – University Of Khartoum.

 Qualifying Year


Collage Of Medical Laboratory Sciences -The National Ribat University.

B.Sc of Medical Laboratory Sciences- Hematology and Immunology.

(Grade: First ClassHonours).


Ibn-bidab, (Kartoum).

Secondary School


Nfisa Hassan, (Khartoum).

Primary school

 Training and experience:



Teacher assistant -- Sudan International University.



Teacher assistant – National Collage.




Training on the microscopically diagnosis of malaria – Medical Laboratory directorate – Parasitology department.




General Directorate of Sudan Customs – Medical Services Branch, (Laboratory Technologist).


 Skills and personal criteria:

 1: Good English written and spoken.

 2: Computer Skills.

 3: Hard worker and can work under pressure, flexible and have inter cultural context.


 Dr. khiry Abd alrahman ibrahim: The Dean, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. Sudan International University.

 Dr. Shamsoon Khamis Kafi: The Dean, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. The National Ribat University.

 Tel: 09122966063

 Dr. Altib Ali Hassan: Head of Haematology department- Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. Sudan International University.

 Tel: 0912233663

 Dr. Mona Adil Samaan: Head of Haematology department- Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. The National Ribat University.

 Tel: 0919008481

 Dr.Hussan Sharif Diddig: Parasitology department- Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. The National Ribat University.

 Tel: 0912559164

 Dr.Mohamed Fadl Almoola:  Haematology department- Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. The National Ribat University.

 Tel: 0918189962